Use This Simple Trick To Process Your Google RSS Reader Faster Each Day

by Scott Bradley on July 17, 2010

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In the past, I have talked about the power of using a google reader to consume content from your favorite sites, and today I have a really cool trick for you to help you do that more efficiently.

When using my google reader to consume content, one problem that I run into sometimes is that there is just way too many posts to process at any given moment.

Can you relate?

Google Reader All Items

If you have this problem I have the solution for you.

Here is the simple trick…

When you login to your google reader click the “All Items” option on the top left most corner of the page.

Once you are there then use the “J” and “K” keys to move through your posts more efficiently instead of having to mess with your mouse.

Make sure you have “expanded view” selected in the top right corner of your reader

Google Reader Expanded View

By following this process you can move through the content faster and only stop on content you really want to read or scan.

I just recently found out about this trick and wanted to share it with you!

I hope you find it useful!

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The Bottom Line: Using the “J” and “K” keys on your keyboard when going through your Google Reader is the best most efficient way to process many blog posts all at once.

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