[Podcast] One-on-One With Multi-Millionaire MJ Demarco – Author of The Fastlane Millionaire: Crack The Code To Wealth and Live Rich For A Lifetime

by Scott Bradley on January 24, 2011

The Fastlane Millionaire

How many times have you had a dream to start a business, and had no other choice but to make it work?

This situation is all to familiar to my next guest today who started his first successful business, after many failed attempts, with $900 to his name and a rent payment of $475 per month.

He didn’t have any investors, and certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth either!

His name is MJ Demarco, and he just published his first book titled The Millionaire Fastlane: Crack The Code To Wealth and Live Rich For A Lifetime.

MJ is a been-there-done that entrepreneur and multi-millionaire who made his first million by the age of 31, and is someone who I have recently grown to know, respect, and want to learn more from.

Not only is the advice he gives in this interview totally helpful and raw, but even more so, his passion for helping others understand what they need to know to achieve the “fastlane lifestyle,” as he calls it, is just so awesome and fires me up.

Before you listen to the interview with him, I just want to give you a brief warning

The content in this interview is not only going to change the way you think about business, but even more so, this interview is going to open your mind to a completely different way of thinking that you most likely haven’t been exposed to before.

The interview with MJ is 30 minutes, and I highly recommend you block out all other distractions, grab a pen and paper so that you make sure that you are able absorb all the golden nuggets MJ shares from his years of wisdom.

I know for a fact there is information in this interview that is going to change your business forever, and help you understand how successful people think, and what they do to create massive results in their business, and their life.

Listen To The Interview With MJ Demarco

Pick Up MJ’s Book on Amazon: The Millionaire Fastlane

Also don’t forget to check out his awesome forum with a thriving community at the Fastlane Forum.

My No Holds Bar 100% Transparent Review of MJ’s Book:

MJ’s book is probably one of the best business books I have read in my entire life, and to be frank I rarely ever say that about most books I read.

After reading MJ’s book, I have probably already recommended it to 30+ of my closest entrepreneurial friends who also have felt the same about the book, and am now sharing it with you as one of my loyal readers of my blog.

As an avid reader of many business books, it is hard to come by a book that truly cuts through all of the BS, and delivers time-tested and proven information from a been there done that no-nonsense entrepreneur who truly cares about your success.

Compared to other authors who write books that just want to up-sell you into multi-thousand dollar training programs on the backend, this book stands in the face of all of that noise and “flips them the bird.”

Not only does this book give you the mindset you must adopt if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, but even more so gives you the tools to use and implement to achieve massive success.

I recommend that when implementing a new business idea, or enhancing your current business, please, please, please use this book as your guide.

You won’t be sorry! By using this book to help you, you are definitely guaranteed to reach all of the goals you have set for yourself and your business…and I stand behind that statement 100% because it has already helped me tremendously with my mindset and business.

Here is the truth…

While most business books I read are “good,” very few of them are great.

MJ’s book falls into my “great” category for many reasons as described below!

In his book, not only do you get a glimpse into the mind of a been there done that multi-millionaire entrepreneur, who made his money OUTSIDE of the publishing business (unlike some of the most well-known business/financial guru’s), but even more so, you get a to buy a book that you will want to keep on your night stand forever and be something you reference for many years to come.

The parts in the book that truly stuck out to me, and helped me gain a lot of insights and clarity for my business, life and financial plan were the specific parts highlighted below.

*Why Understanding The Process To Creating A Successful Business, is More Important Than Focusing on the One Time “Wealth Event” at The End…(The truth is that if you complete and stick to the process correctly, the wealth event at the end will be a result of all your hard work and discipline to not get ahead of yourself). (After reading this section I realized too many individuals are focusing on the wrong thing when they go into business. This mindset is definitely going to flip you for a loop and challenge every previous thought you ever had about accomplishing anything, and building a company for that matter)

*The Essential Elements To A Fastlane Business (And no they are not what you would expect…this part of the book is worth MILLIONS of dollars to you, and will help you eliminate TIME-WASTING wheel spinning activities in during your current and future entrepreneurial career)

*How to Make a Decision When Faced With Two Semi-Desirable Options (The logic in this is so sound, and the process can be duplicated over and over again, no matter what you are choosing between in the future)

*How To Truly Value Your Business and Set it Up To Be Sold For Millions (And no…it has nothing to do with how many “users” you have without any profit…get ready for this part of the book to blow you away)

*How To Create An Effective Exit Strategy For Your Business That Will Leave You Wealthy…Never Have To Worry About Money or What You Do With Your Time Ever Again (This mindset is so critical to grasp, as most of these web 2.0 companies exit strategy is “sell to Google,” when in reality that exit strategy is like praying to win the lottery without a sound base to stand on)

*How To Effectively Think About Investing The Money You Make After Selling Your Company For Millions to Ensure You Continually Grow Your Wealth and Income (If you thought you should be counting on the stock market to make you wealthy, this part of the book is going to shock you, but makes so much sense)

So without making the book sound any better than I already have, just listen to me and buy the book…you won’t be sorry…just trust me.

Truth be told…

The book was so good that I even bought it a second time on my new E-Reading device (nook), because I wanted to make sure I had it with me forever to reference if I ever lost my physical copy, or if one of my entrepreneurial friends secretly stole it from me without letting me know they were going to borrow it.

And finally…

If I had to give a rating out of 5 stars for this book, I would give it a 10. You can’t go wrong buying this book because the author truly cares about helping you create all of the entrepreneurial success your heart desires…

Hell, he even gives you his e-mail address to contact him after finishing the book! I don’t know about you but that says a lot.

Enjoy the book! You won’t be sorry!

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JJ January 25, 2011 at 10:18 PM

Hey I cant hear the web cast. It takes me to http://scottbradley.name/podcast/mjdemarco.wav but it doesnt load. Could you send me a email when its up again?


Scott Bradley January 31, 2011 at 9:41 AM

I just checked it and it is still working fine. Let me know if you have any further issues and I will see if there is an easy way for me to send you the audio file.


Clintonskakun January 30, 2011 at 3:08 PM

I have almost never bought a book until I ran unto this one. I’ve never said this about a book before, but it’s the best one I’ve ever read on wealth and entrepreneurship. FOR THE FIRST TIME, it all makes sense, I know what I have to do and I feel like I can actually get what I want sooner than later.

Great podcast!



Scott Bradley January 31, 2011 at 9:44 AM

Thanks for your comment Clinton!


Angela Schaefers February 8, 2011 at 9:48 PM

great interview Scott! Mr. DeMarco is a very wise man, with a lot of great tips to share! Let’s not stop at a million!


The Millionaire Fastlane Blog February 16, 2011 at 1:54 PM

When I got that book, I couldn’t put it down. Every page is so valuable.. Every aspiring entrepreneur absolutely has to read this book.


Manuel July 8, 2012 at 10:50 AM

Señor M.J. de Marco

Mi nombre es Manuel Mejía Ortiz, soy un profesor Universitario y acabo de leer su libro, después de 13 años de estar trabajando para esta institución no tengo más que el conocimiento con el cual oriento las clases…

A pesar de que no tenemos tarjetas de crédito, ni compramos la basura del mercado…….No tenemos ningún peso ahorrado, no tenemos casa, no tenemos un carro, no tenemos un futuro definido, vivimos lejos de nuestras familias y tanto sacrificio no ha servido para nada…

Pero con este libro espero y estoy seguro que tomaremos las decisiones correctas para nuestras vidas

Mí esposa y mi hija de 7 años se lo agradecemos de antemano…

Sé que no va a ser fácil pero prefiero que me digan en un futuro no muy lejano

“Murió actuando por ralizar sus sueños y no murió soñando con hacerlo”


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