How To Create An Effective Advertisement Asking Yourself These 5 Questions

by Scott Bradley on September 29, 2011

As an entrepreneur and marketer, it is key that you know how to create effective advertisements that generate results.

Knowing how to create an effective advertisement takes time, but with practice it becomes easier and easier.

The key to creating an effective advertisement is by asking yourself the right questions beforehand, so that you are able to position the advertisement effectively in the specific medium that you are placing the ad in.

Below are the list of questions I ask myself before writing an ad that will be beneficial for you to use when creating your next marketing campaign.

1) What is the number one pain point of the audience this ad will be going to? (This helps you figure out the lead focus for the ad, so it garners the most attention.)

2) Where will this advertisement be placed? (This helps you format the ad.)

3) What is the format of the advertisement, and what rules do we need to follow to create it? (e.g. is this a Google adwords ad, or a Facebook ad?)

4) After the prospect clicks or sees the advertisement, what specific process will they be taken through? (This info helps you position the ad.)

5) What is the overall target market that will see this ad, and psychgraphically where will they be before they see the advertisement? (This info helps you include key persuasive factors in the ad.)

With this information in hand, it will allow you to craft the most effective ad possible.

When creating advertisements, I tend to focus on creating different variations of the same ad for testing and tracking purposes.

As a marketer you rarely if ever get it right on the first shot, which is why testing various creative elements in your ad is essential to create an effective advertising campaign!

If you need help creating effective advertisements, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me! I am here to serve.

Do you ask yourself any other questions before writing an ad? If so, please feel free to share them in the comments below!

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