Can You Prove Your Worth?

by Scott Bradley on September 21, 2010

Imagine this. You just walked into my office today after setting up an appointment the week before. Our meeting was booked because I wanted you to pitch me on why I should hire you, or buy your product or service, because you knew it could help me accomplish a specific thing in my business. The tools that you have in front of you to work with are a computer, cell phone, and whatever is in your briefcase.

Here is the catch…

You only have TEN MINUTES…

That’s it…

Just ten minutes to prove your worth to me to help me decide if you are worth hiring, or if your product or service is worth purchasing.

Stop right now and think about how that feels.

Are you nervous?

Are you shaking?

Does your mind go blank as it races knowing the challenge at hand?

As I take the next moment to look down at my stopwatch, I push the start button with my right thumb, look up and say “GO!”

Think for a moment right now…

What do you say?

How do you say it?

What are you going to show me?

How are you going to use the cell phone and computer?

What questions are you going to ask me?

At the end of the presentation how are you going to get me to take out my credit card and check book where I will gladly write you a check or allow you to swipe my credit card to collect the money?

Scared yet?

Here’s the thing…

If you are not thinking about how you can always improve your marketing process to increase your conversion numbers, please stop right now what you are doing, and really think about how you are currently generating sales and bottom line results.

Are you using a sales letter with high converting copy?

Driving individuals to a recorded call for more info?

Are you using an auto-responder system giving away value on the front end and then giving your prospects the option to purchase your product or service on the backend after being given high value material that is free?

Does your marketing funnel have a logistical step-by-step flow that always works?

(Most don’t even have a marketing funnel, that logically flows seamlessly)

Keep this in mind…

At the end of the day, you should be thinking about your entire marketing process more than anything else in your business when you sell your products and services to your intended target market…and tweak it as necessary to ensure the highest conversion possible.

I hate to be blunt but…

If your marketing process flat out sucks, you won’t be in business very long.

Because the fact is this…

If you can’t prove your worth to an interested prospect in the quickest most compelling way possible by holding their attention throughout the entire process, the chances that your business is going to survive long term is slim to none.

With a shoddy amateur marketing process you won’t effectively sell your product or services fast enough to keep your business afloat.

It is just that simple…

This weekend, I heard a quote from a marketer who stated.

“People don’t lack money, they lack the ability to make a decision.”

Here is the learning point in that quote…

Your copy and marketing should inspire people make a decision to buy, instead of keeping them on the fence. If you can’t effectively persuade your prospects to add your product to their cart, or agree to pay you for your service, good luck staying in business.

Merely “marketing to market” without the goal of personally persuading someone who is interested in what you have to offer, is like fighting a losing battle in the middle of a giant field…it just won’t work.

Keeping this quote above and this information in mind, please keep reading.

As individuals attention spans are decreasing by the day, as focus-splitting distractions only seem to be increasing over time, getting the attention of your market, and monetizing that attention quickly is getting harder and harder by the day.

(This is why I gave you only 10 minutes in the challenge above)

Knowing that your market may get distracted, you must always be thinking about how you can effectively and quickly prove your worth to your prospects to ensure the highest quality success long term for your top line sales numbers.

The companies who master this powerful communication process of quickly and effectively proving their worth to their market, and thus selling their products and services like clockwork, are those that stand the test of time.

Below are some effective ways to help you quickly prove your worth to your prospects in the quickest most effective way possible. (You may even want to incorporate these various ways in the challenge I am giving you in the top part of this article.)

1) Testimonials from Highly Credible Sources Speak Volumes

When you have testimonials from heavyweights in your industry claiming that your product or service helped them achieve incredible results is absolutely powerful. Not only does it create social proof, but even more so, it positions you as someone who delivers on their promise each and every time. There is a reason why I have testimonials on the Rapid Results Marketing Group LLC page within this website. Feel free to check them out.

2) Illustrate Concrete Bottom Line Results

Do everything you possibly can to eliminate any shred of doubt your prospect may have about hiring you, or purchasing your product. Show them proof that has not been doctored up, or over-hyped. Truly being genuine in how you illustrate high quality results is by far one of the best ways to inspire your prospect to push the buy button on your website or get them to say yes to using your service or hiring you.

The key is to make sure that what you are portraying is 100% real and not some made up numbers like some sleazy marketers sadly do in their copy.

3) Address and Answer Objections Quickly In Your Copy

Entrepreneurs who quickly address and answer their prospects objections in the copy that is on their website, inside their videos and/or sales letters, will convert more sales long-term compared to their competitor who doesn’t do a good job at this specific marketing skill.

If you can address and answer objections before the end of your sales copy or video, there is a greater likelihood that your prospects will decide to buy much faster, and also will not bog you down with questions after reading your marketing copy. This will help to inspire your prospects to buy you, your product or service without hesitation because you have already proven and addressed their concerns before they choose to make a decision.

4) Be Yourself

When you are able to communicate with your intended market genuinely and honestly, they will know if you are the real deal. If you try and copy someone else’s style to bring sales into the door, your prospects will see right through you.

Entrepreneurs who communicate authentically with their market as they are selling them their products and services are those who will dominate their market long term. Your competitors won’t be able to compete because they aren’t you, and if they try to copy you, they will fail miserably.

5) Sell Your Product Authentically With Stories

If you can, always find creative ways to sell your products with a story attached. People love listening and reading stories. There is a good reason specific authors who write incredible stories continually sell book after book (Just look at the Twilight Series) if you don’t believe me. Another example can be found when looking at the new apple iPhone 4 commercials. Showing a video how families are using the new facetime application, and connecting the “family” to the phone, is a powerful story to tell to help sell more iPhone 4’s over the long run.

6) Speak to Your Prospects Hot Buttons

Any market you sell your products or services to have hot buttons. If you don’t know what a hot button is, these are the pressing issues that everyone in a specific market shares.

In your pitch, when you bring up these specific hot buttons correctly, focus on how you can solve these specific pain points for them as clearly as possible. When you effectively do this, they will hand money over to you faster than you can imagine to buy your product or service. Knowing how to do this is a true art, but once mastered, you will never go hungry again…that is if and only if you have a highly valuable product to sell that delivers on the promises you are making.

7) Provide a Guarantee

Providing a guarantee is absolutely essential. The goal is to remove all risk from prospects buying from you. When you put the risk on you, instead of your prospect, they will buy more likely than not. When you over-deliver on the promises you made, I can almost guarantee you that your new customer will come back for more, and refer their friends to you.

You can do this with a “No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee,” or some variation of the sort. Remember the greater the risk that is on you, the more likely the prospect will feel comfortable buying from you.

As someone who has a passion for helping entrepreneurs quickly generate loyal paying customers using the web and through other powerful direct selling techniques through copywriting and marketing funnel building, I am looking forward to seeing how you tackle my challenge above. If you need any help with anything related to your marketing or copy for your business please don’t hesitate to contact me I am here to serve you and help you generate the bottom line results you are seeking.

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Angela Schaefers October 17, 2010 at 12:17 PM

Excellent points Scott! I think one of the best tools we have is our pitch, that is as you said knowing our worth. Having that message down is critical to our success as is knowing our audience and being consistent in our message.

We each have various strengths and talents, and if someone does not have the skill to create their pitch based on your seven key tips, they should absolutely seek out a professional such as yourself.


Scott Bradley October 17, 2010 at 2:53 PM

Thank you for your comment Angela! It is great that you have your pitch down and you know who you are speaking to!

Thank you for the compliment as well! I appreciate you.


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