My Secret Weapon

SEO and Link Building

From the Desk of Scott Bradley…


Dear Fellow Online Business Owner,

If you have ever wanted your website to rank high in the search engines for your targeted keywords, and do it quickly using white hat “Google Approved” methods, this may be one of the most important pages you will ever read.

As every online business owner knows, building links to your site should be the backbone of your marketing plan.


Here’s why…


The more high quality links you have linking to your website, the higher your website will be ranked in the search engines for your targeted keywords.

Here is a simple equation you should commit to memory…


Higher Rankings in Search Engines = More Targeted Traffic = More Sales, Pageviews, and Revenue


But as an online business owner you may be running into one of the following problems…

IsThisYou1) You don’t know how to build high quality links

2) You don’t where to start when it comes to this “link-building” thing

3) You don’t know what to do when you find a website you want to link to you

4) You are spending more time on the other important stuff, and the whole “link-building” thing has taken a backseat…or was never explained that ignoring this important business building activity is a huge mistake

If you’re like me, you fall into category #4 (spending time on other important stuff) … which means this solution is going to be PERFECT for you

You see…

As someone who is committed to helping other people achieve online success, when I come across a solution that will help me achieve my goals online, I simply can’t keep it a secret.


To keep it short, sweet and to the point….

I have a friend who works with a team that specializes in helping online entrepreneurs just like you build high quality links using only white-hat methods.

If you don’t know what “white-hat” means, it means that the actions my friend and his team will take with your site won’t cause Google to blacklist your website from the search engines.

But here’s the best part…this isn’t like your typical run-of-the-mill SEO firm that charges INSANE monthly retainers for lack-luster results where they win and you lose…

Far from it in fact because…

I have known this friend for a long time, and just recently he told me about how he has helped his clients generate some pretty fantastic results. After seeing it with my own eyes, and learning how he and his team implement their proven plan, I knew that what he was offering was a winner and made prefect sense.

In short…

He and his team does all of the heavy lifting activities I would do if I had the time, to build the right kind of links, to drive the right kind of traffic, that will help me generate the best results possible in the shortest period of time.

You really can’t lose if you choose to take the next step…

Which I really hope you do…


I hope you have a smile on the face as big as I did when I found out how easy this was going to make my life when it came to building links and driving targeted traffic into my site…


So Here is What I Want You To Do…Now That I Know For A Fact You Want To Get In Touch With Him

1) Send me an e-mail
2) Make the subject line “Link Building Solution”
3) In the body of the e-mail please mention you saw this page
4) Wait for my reply with an introduction to my friend who will be able to help you

Trust me on this…once you learn how my friend will be able to help you, you are going to have trouble going to sleep at night because…

Rankings will improve, traffic will be up, and revenue will be increasing month after month.

I really hope you allow me to help you. and I look forward to connecting with you soon!

Ok send me that e-mail now!


P.S. I don’t know how long I am planning to keep this page up, so if you are serious about taking action, I highly suggest that you reach out to me before I come to my senses and take it down.

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